About esRestaurant..

At es Restaurant system is easy to operate and train, Accurate and effective solution for the Restaurant. KOT & BOT automate with relevant services counters. You can visually monitor tables and customer order status. Multiple price list according to the service available (AC/non AC). Recipes for each prepared items and integrated with inventory. Multiple customers for single table, Take away, delivery orders, periodic orders, higher security. It is fully integrated with Accounts, Inventory, and HR. Useful Reports for management, Auditing & Annalist.


Counter & Billing
  • Bar, Kitchen, Other
  • KOTBOT Printing in particular counters
  • Invoice (general/super class)
  • Service Charges (%)
  • Discount (percentage/amount)
  • On hold bills & recall, more items into existing bill
  • Normal price tables
  • Super class price tables
  • Takeaway billing
  • Multiple table handling
  • Multiple customer for a single table
  • Multiple waters for single table
  • Day end bill Summery/Details reports
  • Counter wise K OT/BOT reports
  • Counter wise item report
  • Counter wise sales report
  • Counter wise stock report
  • Waiter performance analyzing report
  • Table wise sale analyzing report
  • Sales category wise details/summary
  • Management & Auditing reports
  • Fast, slow moving stock
  • Supplier wise Item re- Order report
  • Hourly sales annalist report
  • And many more features
  • Items (Complete or raw materials)
  • Categorizing an Item
  • Raw material stock handling according to the recipe
  • Items stock movement (Item Bin Card)
  • Dividing an item into KOT & BOT Counters
  • Inserting Recipes by using Raw Materials
  • Payment
  • Cash, Credit Card, Credit Customer
  • Complementary
  • Foreign Currency
  • Cheque
  • Multi Level security
  • Secure logging for each user
  • All event can be monitored by the administrator