About esPos..

AT es POS System facilitate to achieve all kind of retail business.POS system is customer satisfaction billing system including following features which are easy, fast, reliable, customer loyalty module, Various discount, Gift voucher, Credit customer, Salesmen wise sale tracking, Higher security, Alert for specific task, Integrated with fully esAccounting and esHR module, Easy data analyst and date mining ability, useful report module, ability to managerial decision making in seconds, Online & offline billing. There are more features available in here. Web enable Back office system will help you to work 24 hours online. With the compatibility of POS you can reduce staff & overheads by using online system. It’s fast, reliable & user friendly.


  1. Hypermarket
  2. Super markets
  3. Pharmacies
  4. Motor spare part shops
  5. Gem & Jewelry shops
  6. Fashion shops (Textiles)
  7. Fancy items shops
  8. Pubs & Restaurants
  9. Electronic spare part shops
  10. Book shops & Stationery
  • Multilevel security
  • Create new user with menu privileges
  • Block user logging
  • User group privileges
  • Change user password at any time
  • User activity monitoring system
  • Counter auto/manual looking/unlocking
Discount & Customer card System
  • Discount & Customer card system
  • Customer group wise discount card method
  • Item group wise different discount rates
  • Item wise or overall discount % or amount
  • different discount rates for cashier wise
  • Fast Billing with Touch System, Barcode & Programming key board
  • Dual color receipt printing (Red & Black)
  • Direct fast printing method
  • Header & details with different font size and colors
  • Auto cutter or manual tear off
  • General invoice note
  • Bonus/Promotion/Free issued
  • Sales returns or preaches
  • On hold & Recall receipts
  • Void items with auditing
  • Receipt cancellation with auditing
  • Recall previous receipts & printing
  • Print last receipt with single key press
  • Different type of receipt formats
  • Data recovery due to power failure
  • Quotation
Advanced Bill
  • Credit customer
  • Customer ledger & Outstanding with single key press
  • Counter auto/manual looking option
  • Customer payment meathead (Cash/Credit/Credit Card/Gift Voucher )
  • Salesman wise sale reports, profit, discount, commission and supply
  • Customer outstanding list for selected date
  • Item search by item number, Trade name, Barcode, Generic name, Weight, Price, Supplier
  • Item cost code & price code with given letters
  • Item location rack & shelf number for each item
  • Item price can reduce up to the markup price or customer specific discount system
  • Customer discount card system
  • Counter opening balance/ paid out & Cash resaved
  • Counter opening balance, Cash received Paid outs
  • X Reading & Z Reading for counter balance
  • Sales men wise sale & commissions
  • Sales summary, details, & department wise
  • Sales item summary, details, & department wise
  • Voided item report department wise with value
  • Counter wise collections
  • User wise collections
  • Expenses summary & details
  • Customers outstanding summary
  • Customer outstanding with payment history And many more features

Issuing customer discount cards and taking their buying capacity, given discount, Profit margin, Issuing gift voucher according to the profit merging of the customer. Building customer relation by sending birthday cards, Seasonal card, wedding anniversary cards with gift voucher. Customer is pointed system according to the bill value. Settled percent bill by accumulated points. There are various discount rates for selected items, groups and card types. There are many reports of customer movements.

Mobile Pos App

It is an ideal mobile billing system for any kind of retail and wholesale business processes in day today life.  This app is reliable, uncomplicated and fast billing mechanism that can work with or without internet. Mobile Pos Billing App incorporated with Bluetooth technology. Customer satisfaction billing and viewing accounts information details are advantages of the app. Mobile Pos Billing app is fully integrated with accounting package.Read more


es Pos Back Office

At es POS Back office used to all kind of back office activities Such as GRN's, GTN, Stock taking, Auditing, Reports & more.

At es POS Back Office Main Features.

  • Inventory management
  • Account receivable & Payable
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Employee management
  • System security
  • Graph and reporting - easy manage

Inventory Management...

Item properties are Location, Department, Main category, Sub category, Supplier, Capacity, Manufacture, Price code, Item reorder level, Max order level, Picture, Similar items, Generic name, GP, Markup price, Price level, Cost and Barcode.

 Good Received Note (GRN)
  • GRN authorization before posing. Item purchase history. Notification of changing agreed GP ratio. Free receiving, Purchase returned, Cheque issuing.
Good Transfer Note (GTN)
  • Goods transfer to location to location
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock adjustment with authorization process
  • Daily reports
  • Auditing reports
  • Management reports
  • Analysis Reports

Over 500 reports in various purposes & over 100 graph & tables & valuable management informations are provided.

Mobile MIS Information App

MIS Online Report App is an Android Application which is useful for managerial level businessmen to make out their overall outputs such as income, profits, losses in their up to date business process. Not only income, profits and losses but also there are many factors that can be exposed to make a right decision about the business.Read more

Account receivable &  Payable
  • Fully integrated with the finale Accounts balance sheet and trial balance
  • Account receivable
  • Account payable
Stock Taking
  • Location wise and department wise stock taking process.
  • stock taking adjustment & stock updating process. Stock data sheets. Month end stock report.
  • Stock for selected date & online stock taking ability.


Employee Management
  • Sales commissions, Item or bill wise salesmen assign ability & calculating their commissions at any time.
Graph & Reports
  • Sales, purchase, stock, profit & lost, location & department wise reports for selected date period.
System Security
  • Fully integrated security system for pos front office and back office. User wise menu privilege, group wise security, user logging tracking system, each transaction wise auditing facility
Other features
  • Bonus items, Tax setting, Database backup, Backup schedule, Backup history, Master alerts, User alert, Barcode, & Label printing. for more features please contact At e Soft team info@es-pos.com