About esTime and Attendency with HR..

At es Time and Attendency (Payroll) with HR system ability to capture data by manual, thump reader, proximity, or barcode reader. Easy shift scheduling, day schedules, contract staff, labor suppler commission, multiple loans, Deductions & Allowance and Easy integrated with banks. HR system with qualifications, Skills, Experiences, Training, Dependence and Higher security fully integrated with accounts.


Fast, reliable, easy to used & customized for your factory, office, etc... At e Soft Payroll system will support various types of data capturing method with Proximity card, Thump reader, Barcode card, & manually data entering options are available

Shift Schedule
  • Attendance Process
  • Factory, Department or Line wise
  • Various information's
Day Offs
  • Covering days
  • Allowances
  • Allowances Fixed
  • Allowances Variance
Over Time
  • Over time, Group OT
Staff Loan
  • Loan with varies rules
Staff Qualifications
  • Education, Professional Skills
  • Attendance checkout daily
  • Attendance checkout monthly
Salary increment
  • Dependant details


Employee Details
  • Inactive employees
  • Employees' sex wise
  • Employees' age wise
  • Attendance Pay slips
  • Pay sheet
  • Pay summaries
  • Coin analyze
  • Signature list for salary payments
Leave taken reports
  • Leave balance reports
  • Daily Employee Attendance
  • Absent employee details
  • Late attendance reports
  • Invalid records
  • Employee attendance monthly summer
  • EPF/ETF Reports
  • Month/Year End Management reports