About esHire Purchasing..

At es Hire purchasing management system will cover up all the activities in hire purchasing sales. Bulk purchasing, Discount, Payment installment in state line & reducing balance, receipts, to date closing balance, rebate, Various reports for management decisions, annalist, & auditing reports, stock movement with product serial numbers, daily collection & payments. Various sales type cash, Credit, Group, Individual & user define invoice types, Account reschedule & early settlement ability, fully integrated with accounts and HR. Web enable front office & Back office system, you can reduce staff & overheads by using web enable system. It’s fast, reliable & user friendly.


  • There are Customer, supplier outstanding reports & payment history. Group, individual & interest free sales & payment history. Salesmen wise commission & outstanding reports. And many auditing & management report.

  • Good Receive Note (GRN) purchase items from supplier, purchase return note (PRN) reject items to supplier.
Good Transfer Note (GIN)
  • Transfer items to business locations such as stores, show room etc…

  • Updates each & every location transaction with head office through dialup connections or online (For Central purchasing Systems only).
Searching Options
  • Capability to find a customer by using any kind of given information that user has provided for the system Such as Name, Account No, Joint Date and NIC No etc.
  • Also to find a Model is easier by using any part of Model Name or Number.
Bank Transaction
  • Including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, internal bank transfers, standing orders, bank incomes & bank expenses. These transactions are automatically updated to Bank account ledger & bank statement.
Cheque Transaction
  • Capability to feed cheque transactions such as issuing & receiving that involves with customers & creditors (Suppliers) deposit Cheques to bank, applying the current status of the cheques such as realized or returned. Allows for third party payment or End-Cash the received cheques & Cheques calendar etc
  • Ability to maintain the records of repairing such as service note, issue for service, receive from service, issued to customer.