About esGold Manufacturing..

At es Gold manufacturing system will cover up all the activities in gold manufacturing process. Orders management and on time delivery system, Order tracking system, Incasing productivity and staff efficiency, Employee satisfaction and Accuracy, Row material stock & Finish goods stock, Wastage, Wastage recovery process, Old gold melting process,  Subcontract management module, Staff attendances with thumb reader or proximity card system, Fully integrated with payroll, HR module, Account package & Inventory.


  • Production orders, order cancellation issue gold or Item for employee, receive gold from employee, employee wastage (hand cut, rough, polish, melt etc…) Issue for sales, receive from sales, billing, sales returns and gold sales. Wastage (Hand cut, rough, Polish, melt etc…) & wastage recovery. Gold Purchasing and Stone Purchase.

Gold Stock
  • Company gold stock, Main gold stock, Employee Gold Account and Customer Gold Account.
Bank Transaction
  • Including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, internal bank transfers, bank incomes & Bank expenses these transactions are automatically updated to bank account ledger.
  • Automated transaction is to update each and every account which is related to the relevant transaction. Such as Customer & Supplier Account Ledger (Gold & Cash),  Employee Account Ledger (Gold & Cash), Cash & Bank Account, Sales Account, Sales Return Account etc
Bank Transaction
  • Including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, internal bank transfers, standing orders, bank incomes & bank expenses. These transactions are automatically updated to Bank account ledger & bank statement.
Cheque Transaction
  • Capability to feed Cheque transactions such as issuing & receiving that involves with customers, employees & creditors (Suppliers). Deposit Cheques to bank, applying the current status of the Cheques such as realized or returned. It is allocated for third party payment or end-cash the received Cheques. Account adjustment module (for Authorized Only).

Embedded Payroll
  • Employee attendance, over time, leaves, allowance, deductions, salary advance, salary increments, coin analyze salary payment & pay sheet.