About esDistribution..

AT es Distribution system for easy to manage multiple stores, Accurate inventory, Price levels and list, Customer price list, Customer orders, Periodic orders, Good reordering automate process, Country, territory, area, and root wise customer sales, outstanding and visiting details, Data mining and find new patterns in customer, sales, & competitors behaviors, vehicle maintained module, Sales commission and their target monitoring ability. Distribution System is fully integrated with Accounts, HR and Inventory, important Reports for management, Auditing & Annalist.


  1. Multi stores, departments, country, territory, area, rout wise customer outstanding, sales, month & year wise comparison.

  2. Salesmen wise invoice, collection, cheque returned, and progress of their sales & collections reports. Easy to used - Train, reliability, higher customer satisfaction & accuracy.

  3. At e Soft Distribution is mainly suitable for any kind of Distribution, Manufacturing & Wholesale business.

  4. At e soft Mobile Distributor App.


  • Cash Settlement, cheque Settlement, over Payment, or can be use multiple settlement methods in a receipt.
Payment Methods
  • Ability of making credit or debit note using same interface.
  • Sales Reports (Summery/Details).  Collection Reports (Summery/Details), Sales Item Summery reports (Summery/Details), over charge under charge Report, customer wise sales & return. Customer wise sales & return.
Daily / Month Reports
  • Sales Analysis, Fast moving stock analysis report, slow moving stock analysis report, Stock age analysis report, customer age analysis report, supplier age analysis report.
Analysis Reports
  • Changing Price while billing process, price Edit Option, multiple bill number ranges according to Location, quotation printing, advance payment billing. Provide room to edit or re-correct saved invoices before it take effect to stock and customer ledger, all invoices effect stock & customer ledgers only after the day end.
Other Report
  • Customer details report, supplier contacts report, Customer wise Cheques report, non GRN sold items, Bill free qty issued report, customer purchase history, customer wise item movement report, GRN free received & discounts report, GRN summery supplier wise, GRN summery department wise, bill cancellation report, Item re-order reports.
Mobile Distributor
  • Mobile Billing app is an Android Application which is useful for distributors in their up to date business life. Mobile billing app is easy to use.

  • Features
    • Online Mode
    • Offline Mode
    • Hybrid Mode
    • Bluetooth Bill Priniting Read more